Tips on how to read and buy books

Tip 1

As many avid readers know books cost a lot of money so the best way to save is to try to find nearby booksales where books are sold very cheap or look online for paperback which are a lot cheaper than hardcover. Also, the library is always a good place to look as well.

Tip 2

Before buying a book read at least 20 pages to see if you like the style of writing and read different parts o fthe book to see if you will be bored at all parts. This saves you from buying a book you may not enjoy.

Tip 3

If you don't like a book, don't torture yourself trying to read it, just find a book that you do enjoy. It is not worth the strain of trying to read it.

Tip 4

Lastly, when you finish a book, give yourself some time to mourn it, because it is hard to enjoy the new book if your mind is still processing how the last one ended.

Just for Fun

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